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AMD - Big Fish

AMD - Big Fish
LabelNano Records
Typealbum, CD

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AMD - Big Fish


01 AMD - Pretty Trippy
02 AMD - Morning Glory
03 AMD - Crash
04 AMD - Don't Look In There
05 AMD - Funky Chicken
06 AMD - Galactic Family
07 AMD - Slightly Turbo
08 AMD - Big Dipper
09 AMD - The Reckoning

The first in an astonishing run of artist albums from Nano Records for 2007 is the debut and long awaited album from the very exciting collaboration of Dick Trevor and Jules Hamer that is AMD (Aphid Moon & Dickster).

Dick Trevor is almost certainly one of the most established and experienced producers on the planet having been behind the legendary Green Nuns of the Revolution and also having worked with many artists including Simon Posford, Tristan, Eskimo, Cosmosis, George Barker, Zen Mechanics, Danny Howells and many more.. His technical skills in the studio are unparalleled and with Jules Hamer, the man behind the very popular Aphid Moon project, who brings his own energetic and extremely rocking musical attitude to the act, Big Fish is a product of some serious studio magic! AMD have already been stunning dancefloors all over the world with their brilliant live sets
The album consists of 9 full power balls to the wall', deeply psychedelic and intelligent tracks that shouldn't be missed!

AMD - Big Fish: Front