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Anahata - Conduktor

Anahata - Conduktor
LabelArea 709 Recordings
Typealbum, CD

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Anahata - Conduktor


01 Anahata - El Viage Loco
02 Anahata - Spacely Sprockets
03 Anahata - Electroconvulsive
04 Anahata - Conduktor
05 Anahata - Samhain
06 Anahata - Dr. Dento
07 Anahata - Attitude Adjustment
08 Anahata - Funkenstein
09 Anahata - Leg Warmer

01 Anahata - Moments
02 Anahata - Ix Chel
03 Anahata - The Unexpected Visitor
04 Anahata - Willow (Anahata Remix)
05 Anahata - The Unmade Sound
06 Anahata - Vishnu (Doktor J Remix)
07 Anahata - Djedhi
08 Anahata - Ronin

Conduktor is the first artist album under Vancouver native Matte Gillard's Anahata guise and the debut release on Canada's Area709 Recordings. For this release, Matte has applied his holistic understanding of all things musical to fuse two of his spheres of musical influence psy and progressive with the result every bit as fresh and genre-defining here and now as his previous release, The Immaculate Perception (released on Australia's Sundance Records under the name Nystagmus to critical acclaim), was in 2005, when Psyreviews called it "one of the most intelligent, considered, non-patronizing, and lastingly enjoyable releases under this genre's banner. Ever."

Put simply, Conduktor is the product of an intensely musical mind that knows all the rules and then knows when to break them. A limited-edition double CD, this release includes both Conduktor and Anahata's groundbreaking downtempo /ambient opus, The Unmade Sound.

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