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Antix - Wanderes

Antix - Wanderes
LabelIboga Records
Typealbum, CD

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Antix - Wanderers


01 Antix - Red Robin
02 Antix - Ak Is Burning
03 Antix - Circade
04 Antix - B.H.D.
05 Antix - Flock
06 Antix - Blew
07 Antix - Seven Seas
08 Antix - Forward

For those in the now, new Zealand brothers Barton and Hayden Strom aka Antix have been producing a sublimely deep minimal groove that has been rocking Dancefloors across the globe far and wide.

Their first 2 albums 'Lull' and 'Twin Coast Discovery' were landmarks on the progressive scene with top notch reviews and support from leading Djs and fans a like.

With there third installment entitled wanderes theyve raised the stakes even higher keeping their antix roots with deep atmospheres, infectious bass and minimal grooves this album is abstract, innovative and unleashes a new level of production.

Check Antix 'Wanderes' it kicks!

Antix - Wanderes: Front