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Antix - Wandering

Antix - Wandering
LabelIboga Records
Typealbum, CD

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Antix - Wandering


01 Antix - Seven Seas (FM Radio Gods vs Tapwatr Remix)
02 Antix - Blew (Beckers Remix)
03 Antix - Seven Seas (Nyquist Remix)
04 Antix - Red Robin (Kasey Taylor Remix)
05 Antix - Red Robin (Beauty And The Beat Feat. Nuke Remix)
06 Antix - Circade (Hyzer Aka Vibrasphere Remix)
07 Antix - BHD (D-Sens Remix)
08 Antix - Flock (Drake & Orson Remix)
09 Antix - BHD (Solead Remix)
10 Antix - Forward (Simon Flower Remix)
11 Antix - BHD (Headhunter Remix)
12 Antix - Forward (Jamie Newman Remix)

Last December Antix toured North America, playing dates in NY, Seattle and Montreal, armed with a camera crew capturing behind the scenes footage, candid interviews and live performances. Backed with the Wanderers soundtrack of their last album and showcasing their latest live set up. This double disc DVD/CD package comes with 12 re dubbed edits from dub step, minimal to trip rock. Be lead astray and witness the results of this recent adventure.

Iboga Records and Antix are proud to present Wandering The Remixes and DVD. The 30 minute DVD of the USA Antix tour and a wonderful 12 track remix CD containing an impressive selection of artists giving their interpretation of the already famous Antix tracks. The album is perfect for the home and also certainly for the progressive dance floors of today.

A modern sound that is very hard to ignore, it will sweep across the dance floors of clubs and festival in the coming months.

Don't miss out on this exclusive and beautiful release in digi pack format.