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Aquatica - Ocean Of Emotion

Aquatica - Ocean Of Emotion
LabelCom.Pact Records
Typealbum, CD

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Aquatica - Ocean Of Emotion


01 Aquatica - Operatic
02 Aquatica - Los Suenos Remix
03 Aquatica - Deep & Wild
04 Aquatica - Underverse
05 Aquatica - Electrolatina
06 Aquatica vs Sesto Sento - Pimp my Symphony
07 Aquatica - Angels
08 Aquatica vs System Nipel - Chords Of Paradise
09 Aquatica - Comin' Out

Com.Pact Records is delighted to announce the release of one of the most talented and gifted producers in today's global trance scene, Aquatica Ocean of Emotion.
The Aquatica project was formed by Elad Asy in the year 2003.
Ever since he has been creating innovative sound which effected a whole generation of trance producers.
Aquatica is known for his high quality sound production level and his high tech melodies.
By listening to his one of a kind debut album "Ocean of Emotion" you will swim in an ocean of harmonies, melodies & high powered emotion of sound.
In this album Aquatica presents 9 top notch tracks, that includes a magnifying collaboration with Top international group, Sesto Sento.

Aquatica Lab Sounds is a special bonus CD including Sound Effects, Loops, Synth Lines and all the audio tools needed to produce electronic music.
This CD contains 2 folders reflecting the Aquatica's dual passion, Trance & Electro.
All of the sounds were created by Aquatica @ Boa Group home studio - Overdose studio.

Dive in to the Ocean of Emotion!!!!

Aquatica - Ocean Of Emotion: Front