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Archaic - Wildness

Archaic - Wildness
LabelWildthings Records
Typealbum, CD

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Archaic - Wilderness


01 Archaic - Anaconta (Remix)
02 Archaic - Deep In Forest
03 Archaic - Circle Of Stones
04 Archaic - Vortex
05 Archaic - Zeus
06 Archaic - Wildness
07 Archaic - Wolves
08 Archaic - Cosmic Rays
09 Archaic - Tree Spirits
10 Archaic - Hidden Reality

WildThings Records are delighted to bring to the psychedelic world of dance music our new signed artist project from the mountains of Greece. "Archaic" aka Kostas "lori" Konstantinos has brought a great new addition to the WildThings sound with his debut album Wildness'. It delves into and organic earthy world of groove and rhythm, with shamanic overtones and purity of sound which unfolds into a slick production of cleanly manipulated synthesis and masterfully concocted psychedelic soundscapes.It will send you into a positive world of trance and harmony. His debut album "Wildness" is a selection of 10 tracks which brings us a great introduction to his sound and is sure to be a winning formula for DJ's worldwide. His music has been tried and tested in Greece and on the international circuit with fantastic results, creating positive energy everywhere its been played. Kostas has spent many years mastering the art of music production and now his sound is ready to bring to the music lovers of the world. His own passion for the psychedelic style of music stemmed from his time spent in london in the early 90's, where he got tuned into the sound and also the UK scene. he then took this experience back to Greece where he became a pioneer in the Greek scene known as Dj lori. Since then he has stepped out of the Dj world and into music production where he is sure to have a floor stomping, successful and happy career.

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