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Artifakt - The Magus

Artifakt - The Magus
LabelTimecode Records
Typealbum, CD

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Artifakt - The Magus


01 Artifakt - L.C.D
02 Artifakt - Bulk
03 Artifakt - Crystal
04 Artifakt - Psylocibin
05 Artifakt - Macbeth
06 Artifakt - The Magus
07 Artifakt - Viagra Bastard Spawn
08 Artifakt - Gather
09 Artifakt - The Probe
10 Artifakt - No Present
11 Artifakt - The Pole

April 2008 sees the return of the Artifakt in the form of "The Magus". His 3rd studio album on Timecode Records is once again an eclectic but insanely original mix of dance floor psychedelic, broken beats, acid lines, magical melodies and upfront techno.

In the true nature of an album the Artifakt explores all areas of the psychedelic listening world, not just concentrating on dance or compilation tracks but integrating all sorts of interludes and links to create a pure listening experience that never ceases to surprise and amaze.

A new dimension in the 3rd album is the use of real instruments that have been performed by session musicians and expertly recorded by the Artifakt. Violin, cello, trumpet, bass, guitar, percussion and piano are used to complement the electronic compositions and evoke a classical feel along side his intensely futuristic music.

From "LCD" to "The Pole" this 3rd album takes you on a journey to the Artifakt who through the misdirection of The Magus is only visible in the light of his music.

Artifakt - The Magus: Front