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Ashtech - Walkin' Target

Ashtech - Walkin' Target
LabelInterchill Records
Typealbum, CD

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Ashtech - Walkin' Target


01 Ashtech - DNA
02 Ashtech - Imaginary World
03 Ashtech feat. Cheshire Cat - Earthforce
04 Ashtech - While The Music Plays
05 Ashtech feat. Cheshire Cat - Essentail Credential
06 Ashtech - R.E.M
07 Ashtech - Sun Shines On You
08 Ashtech - Individuality
09 Ashtech feat. Cheshire Cat - Walkin' Target
10 Ashtech - Plain Speaking
11 Ashtech feat. Cheshire Cat - Beat Da Drum Gringo
12 Ashtech - Mahayana
13 Ashtech - Buzz Dub

Walkin' Target is written by bassist/producer Ashtech and the acclaimed dub alchemist Gaudi. Produced by Gaudi at his Metatron Studio in London, their album is at the intersection of original dub styles and urban electronica - with an emphasis on live sound manipulations and high-end engineering.

With Ashtech's fat basslines laying down deep, dub-wise grooves and Gaudi's solid production trademark imprinted throughout, this roots laiden album includes 4 tracks featuring the inimitable vocal stylings by Cheshire Cat from the legendary production outfit Leftfield.

The album draws its name from the title track which tells the story of the walkin' target' - of a mother who lost her child and did not have the time to say goodbye. This track, in the finest roots-reggae tradition, speaks to the oppressed, suffering and defenceless people of the world, the victims of a system that makes everyone a walkin' target'.

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