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Astrix - Future Music

Astrix - Future Music
LabelHOMmega Productions
Typesingle, CD

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Astrix - Future Music


01 Astrix - Future Music
02 Astrix - Just In Time
03 Astrix - Touched
04 Astrix - Poison (Wrecked Machines Remix)
05 Astrix - Techno Widows (GMS Remix)
06 Astrix - Poison (Video clip)

Astrix (aka Avi Shmailov), No# 41 on DJ magazine's top 100 and recently voted one of psy trance's "biggest players" by the same magazine, brings you a vision from the future. A fresh new single (also available on 12" vinyl) starting the official countdown to the release of his upcoming 3rd album - "Red means distortion"!

This single features Astrix's latest cross over magic in five colorful tracks, including 2 remixes and a new video clip for one of his biggest full-on anthems, Poison' , as a bonus.

The opening title track, Future Music', is Israeli electronic-dance music at its best: powerful rhythm section, oriental melodies and solid sound that can blow you away.

Right behind is Just in time' (previously released on HOMmega's best seller progressive compilation - New Order'), down tempo beats with clubby atmosphere and friendly melodies that tie up with pumping bass lines along with emotion in motion. One of the more unique slices of this single is Touched', an epic old school break-beat story with ambient strings. This piece will hook you for sure! After the remarkable Astrix threesome, comes the first remix from brazilian star Wrecked Machines forPoison', one of the best full-on tracks in a new formula, keeping the Astrix way' very well. More artcore sounds are remixed by the respectable veterans GMS on with uplifting sounds and powerful guitars in high energy mode that hypnotizes like the good old GOA way of Techno widows'.

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