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Atma - Beyond Good & Evil

Atma - Beyond Good & Evil
Typealbum, CD

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Atma - Beyond Good And Evil


01 Atma - We Will Rise Again
02 Atma - Beyond Good & Evil
03 Atma - The Other Side
04 Atma - Deviant Behaviour
05 Atma - The Ganzfeld Experiment
06 Atma - The Doors Of Perception
07 Atma - Psychedelic Visionars
08 Atma - Eternal Cycles
09 Atma - There Is Still Hope

"Beyond Good & Evil", the new ATMA album represents a new step in the evolution of psy trance culture, a perfect mixture between music and philosophy. Built up as a complete story, this album it is a real portal, a star gate, to another world."We will rise again", this is the overall positive message of the album!!! With this message, Atma's music will open the doors of perception, giving you, a one way ticket to the other side.Take a good listen & find the right key to access the portal and pass beyond good & evil!!!Andrei Oliver Brasovean aka "ATMA" is original from Transylvania\ Romania. Starting to produce techno and trance music since 1992, he is one of the pioneers of electronic music in East Europe. In '95-'96 he started to produce Goa trance music and to organise small parties. In almost 14 years of electronic music Production, Atma played under different names and different colaborations like: Atma & R'tur, Ravana, Lunatic Asylum, Raving Minds, Andy Hype, Atma & Styx, Jedi Atma...He has also several releases on labels like: Ov-Silence, Skills rec, Roton, Yellow Sunshine Exposion, Media Services (Sony Music), Cytopia Rec, Sith Rec, Dreamtime Rec Beside his trance projects, Atma works as music composer & sound engineer for commercial bands (house, techno, dance, pop, rock, hip hop..) and also as a film music producer, theatre & orchestral arrangments.On the international sceen he played at festivals and parties all arownd Europe: Germany, Swiss, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania near artists like: Eat Static, X Dream, Bamboo Forest, BLT, Commercial Hippies, Haldolium