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Atmos - Headcleaner

Atmos - Headcleaner
LabelSpiral Trax
Typealbum, vinyl

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Atmos - Headcleaner


01 Atmos - Fill The Hat
02 Atmos - Average Beverage
03 Atmos - Sonic Kipper
04 Atmos - Cable Enable
05 Atmos - Jimmy The Plate
06 Atmos - Qualit├Ąt Im Quadrat

Atmos - Fill The Hat

'This is my magic eye. I can see what people are thinking with this eye'

'It's not day-glo. It's flourescent.'

Atmos - Headcleaner: Side A
Atmos - Headcleaner: Side B
Atmos - Headcleaner: Side C
Atmos - Headcleaner: Side D