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Atomic Pulse - Multiverse

Atomic Pulse - Multiverse
LabelYoYo Records
Typealbum, CD

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Atomic Pulse - MultiVerse


01 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Pura Vida (Atomic Pulse Remix)
02 Atomic Pulse - New World Order Chapter II
03 Protoculture - Driven (Atomic Pulse Remix)
04 Skazi feat. Isabelle - Revolution (Atomic Pulse Remix)
05 Astrix - Solaris (Atomic Pulse Remix)
06 Infected Mushroom - Cities Of The Future (Atomic Pulse Remix)
07 Pop Stream - Into Orbit (Atomic Pulse Remix)
08 Shanti - Even Star (Atomic Pulse Remix)
09 Oforia - Spiders (Atomic Pulse Remix)
10 Fatali - Flip (Atomic Pulse Remix)

01 Atomic Pulse - New World Order Chapter II (Brisker & Magitman Remix)
02 Atomic Pulse - New World Order Chapter II (Echotek Remix)
03 Atomic Pulse - New World Order Chapter II (Protoculture Remix)
04 Atomic Pulse - New World Order Chapter II (Radio Mix)
05 Atomic Pulse - New World Order Chapter II (Video Clip)

Multiverse is a double album that showcases Atomic Pulse professional production skills combined with a unique artistic creativity to add his very own signature to famous and successful tracks created by other artists.

The first CD contains Atomic Pulse personal interpretations to top hit tracks from top artists that the psytrance scene has to offer these days, from touching musical gems such as Infected Mushroom, Skazi, Astrix, Protoculture, Fatali, Shanti, G.B.U, Pop Stream. This CD emphasizes Tamir Ozana's and Yair Bar-On's multi-talent, who takes great tracks to the next level and moulds them to their ultimate potential of Excellency. Together with their knowledge in sound engineering the new evolution of the tracks creates a perfect genetic mutation.

The 2nd CD takes one of Atomic Pulse most successful tracks to date, and experiments with lower BPM with the help of Progressive masters such as Echotek, Brisker and Magitman and Protoculture. This experiment shows that one track can go to a journey in different directions expanding the frontiers and horizons while remaining a huge hit!

And what a way to complete this amazing 2CD releases - we've got a bonus live video clip of 'New World Order pt.2', combined from Atomic Pulse's shows from Japan, Brazil and few other locations, see the duo in action!

Atomic Pulse - Multiverse: Front
Atomic Pulse - Multiverse: Back
Atomic Pulse - Multiverse: Back 2
Atomic Pulse - Multiverse: Inside
Atomic Pulse - Multiverse: Inside 2