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Audialize - Radiance

Audialize - Radiance
LabelSpliff Music
Typesingle, CD

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Audialize - Radiance


01 Audialize - Blue Monkey
02 Audialize - Neuronet
03 Audialize - Galaxy
04 Audialize - Super Position
05 Audialize vs Suria - Black Hole

Audialize is Joao Apell from Portugal, which released already in several labels from all over the world. Therefore he released 26 Tracks and 2 Full Studio Albums so far. Spliff Music is proud to release his first EP Album "Radiance" with 5 unreleased tracks where he shows his musical talent for telling stories. "Radiance" includes 4 solo tracks and one versus track with known act "Suria" also from Portugal.

Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel ???

Audialize - Radiance: Front