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Audiosex - Female Intuition

Audiosex - Female Intuition
LabelAudiosex Records
Typealbum, CD

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Audios3x - Female Intuition


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04 Audiosex - A Dying Embryio Is A Dying Son, A Dead Embryo Is A Dead Son
05 Audiosex - Mother (Female Intuition)
06 Audiosex - Denial Of The Obvious
07 Audiosex - Elhalalozasi Lehetoseg Fiataloknak (Szabadidoben)
08 Audiosex - Murder After Love
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11 Audiosex - Secrets Kill Telepathy And Empathy

This world needs a Mother .. already has a Father ((?)) . ... or maybe needs none , cause the almigthy is one hybrid happy muthafucka . It is not a sin to say muthafucka cuz that is exactly what He is ...He gave a child to the blessed virgin whether getting in physical contact with her or not . The sound what the blessed virgin heard about caring/having a child soon, i call female intuition. the strongest feeling to keep this world alive...too bad that most of the women aren't able to feel this , but it is not just their guilt ... in the end i must say: yes ..this world needs a mother. not just motherfuckers ... :)

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