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Audiosex - Killer Hertz

Audiosex - Killer Hertz
LabelAudiosex Records
Typealbum, CD

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Audio Sex - Killer Hertz


01 Audiosex - Dark Side Of Heaven... Welcome
02 Audiosex - All What Is Lost
03 Audiosex - Satans Whore
04 Audiosex - D.N.A. Of God
05 Audiosex - Katatonia (Gods Will)
06 Audiosex - Killah Hertz
07 Audiosex - Science. Mankind. Death (Satan Killed Us Through Technology)
08 Audiosex - Megnyitom A 3ik Szemed Oszt Beverem
09 Audiosex - Zavar Az Elmem (Kamera)
10 Audiosex - Interludium
11 Audiosex - Mathemattix Of Vodka
12 Audiosex - I Love You
13 Audiosex - Let's Talk About Death
14 Audiosex - Beaten Wifes (No Police Intervention)

BUY IT ! its deep, cold and dark killer music . 14 psytrance tracks for your personal meditations and for the dancefloor as well
Dark but not vicious , fast but not necessary a average dance album The album is definitely against fashion depression peeps, even if has a schizoid, paranoic feel trip into the depths of dark mindstates but not in a lethargic, stuporous tone. enjoy!!!

Audiosex - Killer Hertz: Front