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Bamboo Forest - Release Your Mind

Bamboo Forest - Release Your Mind
LabelNeurobiotic Records
Typealbum, CD

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Bamboo Forest - Release Your Mind


01 Bamboo Forest - Morning Light
02 Bamboo Forest - Baby You Got It
03 Bamboo Forest - Heavy Ride
04 Bamboo Forest - Shroeder Diffracteur
05 Bamboo Forest - Andromeda
06 Bamboo Forest - Acoustic
07 Bamboo Forest - Radio Talk
08 Bamboo Forest - Harmonics
09 Bamboo Forest - Nag Champa

After years of heavy involvement in the global psychedelic trance scene and countless released tracks and collaborations with some of the biggest names and labels, Bamboo forest is surely one of the most important names out there. His first two albums have been massive sellers and have received an enthusiastic feedback from the most influent psy trance djs.

Bamboo Forest means psy trance as it is supposed to be, pumping, happy and psychedelic and in the days of hundreds of disposable releases every year, this album is the tangible proof that good psytrance still exists and big names still rock!

Bamboo Forest - Release Your Mind: Front
Bamboo Forest - Release Your Mind: Back