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Bamboo Forest - The Seven Chakras

Bamboo Forest - The Seven Chakras
LabelAgitato Records
Typealbum, CD

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Bamboo Forest - The Seven Chakras


01 Bamboo Forest - Sahasrara
02 Bamboo Forest - Ajna
03 Bamboo Forest - Vishuddha
04 Bamboo Forest - Anahata
05 Bamboo Forest - Manipura
06 Bamboo Forest - Svadisthana
07 Bamboo Forest - Muladhara
08 Bamboo Forest - Nice to know

Bamboo Forest "The Seven Chakras", the new & long awaited album from the legendary project by St├ęphane Dureisseix.

In the course of the years Bamboo Forest is recreating his magical tribal sound of full on.

A true pioneer of the Goa trance scene, who is brilliantly blends today's development & musical innovation into the the most powerful dance floor celebration ambiance.

The taste of the past, the sound of today & the vision of tomorrow are the main guidelines of this album. A perfect source of spiritual energy for the summer experience.

"The Seven Chakras", as the energy follows thought, follows the forces of the psytrance universe.

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