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Basic - Theory Of Hype

Basic - Theory Of Hype
LabelYoYo Records
Typealbum, CD

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Basic - Theory of Hype


01 Basic - Wicked
02 Basic - Virtual Space
03 Basic - Source Behaviour
04 Basic - Hard Questions
05 Basic - Moon Is A God
06 Basic - In Flames
07 Basic - One Year After
08 Basic - Just Asking Remix
09 Basic - Theory Of Hype

Basic is the dynamic duo of Benny Risher & Shahar Fahima, hailing from northern Israel. They have been working together for two years since meeting in a party that Shahar Dj'd at. Soon after, they started producing together under the name BASIC.

Many will agree that BASIC's innovative music can only be defined as an astonishing blend of atmospheric melodies with very strong bass lines and grooves, that will fill your mind & soul, but will also pump your feet to the max, anytime, anywhere.

In the short time since they started producing music under BASIC, Benny & Shahar have been honored to have numerous tracks released in various worldwide compilations:

"Master System" (BNE/Yoyo) Israel
"Facing The Sun" (BNE/Yoyo) Israel
"Basic Technologies" (Hyperflow/Flow Records) Portugal
"Japanic" (Sirius Records) Japan
"Sushi & Wasabi" (Crystal Matrix) Portugal
"Neverland" (Utopia Records) Israel
"Toyster (Psytropic) Germany
"Break out" (Millennium YSE Records) England
"Sync" (BNE/Yoyo) Israel
"Mind Factor" Vs Echotek (BNE/Yoyo) Israel
"Days Of Power" (BNE/Yoyo) Israel

Today, Basic are considered one of the most refreshing and innovative acts the Trance scene has to offer. Their unique sound and massive live show energy has already captured the attention of thousands, gaining them an ever growing & dedicated fan base.

Believe the Theory of Hype

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