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Beat Hackers - Not For Sale

Beat Hackers - Not For Sale
LabelAgitato Records
Typealbum, CD

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Beat Hackers - Not For Sale


01 Beat Hackers feat. Indra - Sub Ba Ba
02 Beat Hackers - The Freak Show Fantasy (Beat Hackers Remix)
03 Beat Hackers - Not For Sale
04 Beat Hackers - Turn Up The Volume
05 Beat Hackers - The Pink Panther
06 Beat Hackers - Let The Music Play
07 Beat Hackers - Rockcycle
08 Beat Hackers feat. Indra - We Are Funny
09 Beat Hackers - Old Vibes

The best way to open a new year, beyond any doubt, is with a new artist album. New Beat Hackers "Not for Sale" album marks the opening of the 2009 music celebration & party epic.
"Not for Sale" is the 3rd Beat Hackers album mega production. Revolutionary ideas that are embroidered by Guy Peled during his studio work into a wild matrix of full-on complex.
Beat Hackers exhibit on the "Not for Sale" album the sequel to his campaign of crystal clear sound expertise, a unique domination in the open space of creation.
Beat Hackers "Not for Sale" album will tempt your senses to face all your red lines

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