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Bio Genesis - Harmonic Science

Bio Genesis - Harmonic Science
LabelNutek Records
Typealbum, CD

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BioGenesis - Harmonic Science


01 Bio Genesis - Funk-Daddy Breaks
02 Bio Genesis - Musical X-Change
03 Bio Genesis - Modern Life
04 Bio Genesis - Bleep Orchestra
05 Bio Genesis - Where Are You?
06 Bio Genesis - U.F.O.
07 Bio Genesis - Mariachi Zombies
08 Bio Genesis - Harmonic Science
09 Bio Genesis - Mythical Tales
10 Bio Genesis - Bazoom

Young talents Mikeldi Murguia and Carlos Perez from Mexico, presenting their impressive knowledge in production and once again adding a finest album release to the Nutek sound we`re developing during the last 2 years

Combining inspiration from their origin, mixed up with Spanish and European flavors, definitely updated with technology and always searching for interesting way to bring the melody or the groove in the track, phasing with its own harmony or with The general motion.

A Few of their tracks will repeat in your head later, don't worry, its normal!!

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Bio Genesis - Harmonic Science: Front