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Bitkit - Logical

Bitkit - Logical
LabelKairoo Records
Typealbum, CD

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Bitkit - Logical


01 Bitkit - Connection
02 Bitkit - Mystic
03 Bitkit - Redemption
04 Bitkit - Release
05 Bitkit - Initialize
06 Bitkit - Logical
07 Bitkit - Skydive
08 Bitkit - Trinidat

Bitkit is Gunther Wyckmans, born in Belgium 1982. His passion for music started at a young age while receiving classical training in instruments such as trumpet and piano. Obsessed with rhythms, he hit the drums in a local band and later taught himself to play on a djembe.

Six years ago, he was frustrated by only having 2 hands and he started to make electronic music. But his true calling manifested itself 2 years later when he discovered Psytrance. At first he dj-ed under the alias of DJ Thor, spinning the decks in Belgium as well as Holland and Germany. But soon enough he wasn't just happy with playing other people's productions and started to make his own tracks. Through his broad musical education and experience he progressed rapidly. He spent many nights in the studio together with the boys from Lani. Because of their longtime friendship it was not just great fun but also a learning experience, which dramatically improved the quality of the production level.

So, it came as no surprise that he got signed to the Belgian label Kairoo Records.

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