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Blanka - Free Flow

Blanka - Free Flow
LabelMedusa Records
Typealbum, CD

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Blanka - Free Flow


01 Blanka - Fatality
02 Blanka - Yakiniko
03 Blanka - Going up
04 Blanka - Come on
05 Blanka - In the jungle of mastering
06 Blanka - Let me see your faces
07 Blanka - Making space
08 Blanka - That's my world
09 Blanka - Yrock
10 Blanka - Using your mind

Freeflowing psychedelic rebirth!

Medusa Records proudly presents the long awaited third album of the psychedelic music phenomenon Blanka.

The first two albums were a massive success and now he is finally back once again to rock your world. For those disciples of pure psychedelic this will truly lift your spirit and take your mind on a rampant journey to the dreamscape. Featuring ten previously unreleased tracks 'Free Flow' is a true masterpiece of classic psychedelic music. Serious basslines, crystal phat sounds and rampant energetic drums engulfed in free flowing melodies that really highlight Blanka's unique style guaranteed to rock the house.

Blanka - Free Flow: Front