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Blanka - Satisfaction

Blanka - Satisfaction
Typealbum, CD

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Blanka - Satisfaction


01 Blanka - Funky Ass
02 Blanka - There Is Only One
03 Blanka - Deep Hop Forest
04 Blanka - Dance Electric
05 Blanka - Flying Tepy
06 Blanka - Switch Off
07 Blanka - Navigation
08 Blanka - Whoops
09 Blanka - Banana Bill
10 Blanka - Let's Dance (Bonus Track)

After almost 2 years of hard and intensive work, the final breakdown buildup is massive; Blanka is finally out with his second album-"Satisfaction". This refreshing artist has grown and developed as a musician since his last release, while at the same time, also incorporating many new ideas and influences into his new music. Blanka has managed to produce an album that not only stands out among the myriads of psytrance releases these days, but also one that is fun and enjoyable to listen to from start to finish.

Blanka - Satisfaction: Front
Blanka - Satisfaction: Back
Blanka - Satisfaction: Back 2
Blanka - Satisfaction: Inside
Blanka - Satisfaction: Inside 2