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Blink - The Sound Generator

Blink - The Sound Generator
LabelProton Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Blink - Go Into
02 Blink - I'm Seeing Things
03 Black and White - Flipper (Blink Remix)
04 Blink - The Sound Artifakt
05 Blink - Stal Bat A
06 Blink - No Beat No Music
07 Blink - Pump Up
08 Blink feat. Brad Sucks - Never Get Out
09 Trinitix - Groove On (Blink Remix)

BLINK is the "fresh" collaboration between Shay "DYNAMIC" and Irad Brant, better known as Switch.

They met each other about two years ago and decided to produce a track. This track was released in the end of 2006, on the debut album of Switch called "Hard Drive", by Sigma Records Japan.

Since then, Irad and Shay started to work together on several tracks, including "Drop This", a mega hit released on the third album of Dynamic, "Acid Beat", by H2O Records and also on the compilation "The Exploding Man" by 3D Vision Records.

The union of these artists got the harmony between two different styles of full on, creating a perfect sonority never seen before and using innovative, futuristic techniques.

With the great success of "The Sound Generator", definitely the project "Blink" will be recognized all over the psytrance scene.

You can expect nothing less then a "new era" on Trance Music!

Blink - The Sound Generator: Front