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Boogieman - In Vereor

Boogieman - In Vereor
LabelFungi Records
Typealbum, CD

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Boogieman - In Vereor


01 Boogieman - Panic Reaction
02 Boogieman - Compulsive Mental Noise
03 Boogieman - The Edge
04 Boogieman - Neurotic Behaviour
05 Boogieman - In Vereor
06 Boogieman - La Liberation
07 Boogieman - Momento
08 Boogieman - Delusions
09 Boogieman - Go Back To Sleep

Andre Sousa (aka Boogieman) starts his journey through the world of music beginning in Alternative Rock bands. Experimenting guitars and then percussions. After some years dedicated to acoustic sounds, he discovered new tunes, frequencies and beats that made him awake to Electronic music. Going to some Techno, House, Electro and especially Trance parties, Boogieman started to feel the urge to express himself through this kind of music. In 1998 he starts mixing Techno and Trance.In 2002 the Boogieman project arises!Mixing some of his Techno roots with Trance feelings, Boogiemans sound his quite Heavy, Dark and Psychedelic. Deep basslines, frantic synths, strong percussions, fast loops and acidic melodies are Boogieman's style trademarks.This amazing album of Boogieman will control you thru your fear.That's what Andre plans to show the world with this CD...Pure Fear...This is an album of good and powerfull dark style will awaken you...and take u thru a journey of delusions and compulsive mental behaviours.Get ready for IN VEREOR...