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Broken Toy - The Low Down Dirty Sound of...

Broken Toy - The Low Down Dirty Sound of...
LabelAlchemy Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Broken Toy - Whatever
02 Broken Toy - Down On The Farm
03 Broken Toy - Play Dead
04 Change - Derange
05 Broken Toy - Necessary Roughness
06 Broken Toy - Burst Into Fire
07 Broken Toy - Candy
08 Broken Toy - Low Down And Dirty
09 Broken Toy - Heavy Structured
10 Broken Toy - This One Thing

One of the most highly anticipated albums on Alchemy Records for 2007, comes the rip roaring, funkadelically fuelled, punked up and rawkous follow up album from Broken Toy, 'Low Down Dirty Sound of ...' - a blasting roller coaster ride featuring the phattest, hip shaking dirty beats, tastiest grooves and cheekiest riffs.

From the success of Broken Toy's self titled debut album, Jimmy's take on the dance music genre keeps the ideas fresh, funky and the momentum never stops as the beats throw down. If you thought you heard it all, you ain't heard nothing. It's a real dance floor thrasher. Fat and chunky beats underpin the hip grinding, tight and pumping production throughout the album and takes the Broken Toy sound far further than you thought possible.

'Low Down Dirty Sound of...' is a culmination of two years in the studio, on the back of relentless touring across the planet, and cranking the amps up to eleven. It's a bad-ass journey from the opening track 'Whatever' to the twisted grooves of 'This one thing.'

Get on down to the 'Low Down Dirty Sound...' of Broken Toy, turn it on, crank it up and rock out. It's the hip trip you have been waiting for.

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