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Cactus - Extremely Careful

Cactus - Extremely Careful
LabelDoof Records
Typealbum, CD

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Cactus - Extremely Careful


01 Cactus - Playing The Gungle
02 Cactus - Doritus
03 Cactus - We Love Radio
04 Cactus - Pee On A Tree
05 Cactus - Love Magic
06 Cactus - Dance Flip
07 Cactus - Oblevion
08 Cactus - Just Play
09 Cactus - Extremely Careful
10 Cactus - 000ero

This is the long awaited debut of Avi Sakorka - Cactus. As expected this piece of plastic is full of surprises. Avi was born in 1980, and grew up in Azur, Israel. His musical path started when he was 12 - playing drums until the neighbours begged him to stop. He was first exposed to electro music and trance at the age of 16 and the beats have totally taken control of his mind. He started Djing at two years later and after his army service he got more into it and started writing his own shamanic tunes. His inspiration comes from all types of music starting with rock and through all electronic genres. His early tracks are featured in various doof records compilations, always originally constructed and psychedelically mind blowing. In this debut, Cactus delivers a tight dancefloor smasher. Throwing in the mushrooms he picked along the way, mixing with some brilliantly twisted effects and combined with powerful, pumping baselines. This baby Rocks!

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