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Cafu - Wake Up

Cafu - Wake Up
LabelPlusquam Records
Typealbum, CD

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CAFU - Wake Up


01 Cafu - Wake Up
02 Cafu - Blue Balls
03 Cafu - Fx Juice
04 Cafu - Lockstoff 2006 Remix
05 Cafu - New Age
06 Cafu - TP Groove
07 Cafu - Get Ready
08 Cafu - For Me
09 Cafu - Solala

Cafu is a new promising talent from Lucerne, Switzerland.

His first released tune 'Lockstoff' went arount the progressive dancefloors in the past year.

Cafu started his musical carreer at young age with playing trumpet and drums. Later on he used to play in bands which differed in style from funky-bluesrock to hard metal and he took lessons in a jazz school.

Later, in the year 1997 he got in touch with electronic music and started Dj'ing Trance and Psy-Trance. In 2002, he decided to produce his own music.

Since then, Progressive Trance got more and more important for him and this style became his main focus. Beneath that, he is still working on funky-acid-jazz side projects. After his frist release on Aphonix Records, he lately made aware of himself with tracks on labels such as Domo, Mikrokosmos, Blue Tunes and Iboga Records, presenting a deep groovey progressive style.

With the release 'Wake Up' on Plusquam Records, he presents his first full length album...

Cafu - Wake Up: Front