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Celtic Cross - Hicksville - Remastered & Remixed

Celtic Cross - Hicksville - Remastered & Remixed
LabelLiquid Sound Design
Typealbum, CD

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Celtic Cross - Hicksville - Remastered & Remixed


01 Celtic Cross - Mundis Imaginalis (Tribal Dawn Remix)
02 Celtic Cross - Khatmandu (Iona On The Ganges Remix)
03 Celtic Cross - Jade Gates (Beauty Knows No Pain Remix)
04 Celtic Cross - Mundis Imaginalis (Flowercolouredpowerchild Remix)
05 Celtic Cross - Schwazz (Until Nothing Can Reach Us Remix)
06 Celtic Cross - Straight For The Jiggular (Crystal Journey Remix)
07 Celtic Cross - Mundis Imaginalis (The Acoustic Remix)
08 Celtic Cross - Khatmandu (Short Cut Remix)
09 Celtic Cross - Digajigg (Babba G Remix)

Celtic Cross was born out of a concept album I wanted to produce that illustrated the musical, esoteric and cultural correspondences between ancient Celtic culture and ancient Indian culture, this was soon overtaken with some more diverse influences including a potent tab of Californian LSD that went by the same name!

I enlisted the help of a small army of contributors, mainly from the hub of my then recording studio Butterfly on Brixton Road, South London. This was the studio and nexus that captured the zeitgeist of the moment and become the mothership that spawned a thousand imitations. Simon Posford, the legend that he is now, was just establishing a name as Hallucinogen and was former head engineer at Butterfly. He was joined by the current in house head honcho, Ott; a formidable partnership that was brilliantly augmented by Orb helmsman mixer Greg Hunter, a veteran of many productions with myself.

I have been devotedly assisted by junior rising stars Natalie, Sheldon, Carrie and Junior and helped by guitar maestro Saul from the band James; having just finished recording their album seven.

At the time, we had done so many mixes and remixes we couldn't fit them all on the album. So for the first time we present the whole mother load of original mixes, with the whole shabongel remastered loving as well!

Hicksville has stood the test of time admirably, still sounding fresh and unique with a beautiful production to boot! It's still heard and requested at festivals and parties around the world.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it!

There are tentative plans for a new album but for now this will suffice!


Celtic Cross - Hicksville - Remastered & Remixed: Front