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Celtic Cross - Hicksville

Celtic Cross - Hicksville
LabelLiquid Sound Design
Typealbum, CD

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Celtic Cross - Hicksville


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Celtic Cross - Hicksville

'Oh my God, are we ever in Hicksville?'

William S. Burroughs

Celtic Cross - Jade Garden

'I stumbled upon the philosopher's stone, I had the veil of illusion pulled back, and was confronted by the many levels of energy and many realms of consciousness which were available to man. I opened the pandora's box of multiple realities.'

'Describe how I managed control, I could say (...) psychedelic realms I became tuned in, on a network of neurological signals, on a cellular resonance, that radiate, hundreds of millions per second, within my body. The last six years, I have taken the voyage out of my mind, into my head, into my cells, over 300 times. Each time I make this voyage, I tried to communicate with fellow voyagers, and to my fellow men. Partly there's a result of our experiences, at the present time, over a million americans, have had the experience, of going the underline, into the irri, shifting, halucinogen ... '

Quote by Timothy Leary

Celtic Cross - Hicksville: Front