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Chakra - Crossover

Chakra - Crossover
LabelHOMmega Productions
Typealbum, CD

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Chakra - Crossover


01 Chakra - Opacity (Chakra & Audio Junkies Remix)
02 Chakra - Montezuma's Revenge
03 Chakra - X-files (Chakra vs XI remix)
04 Chakra - Heaven's Tears
05 Chakra - On the ground (Remix)
06 Chakra - The Pretenders
07 Chakra - Created For Control (In Control Remix)
08 Chakra - Resurrection (Remix)
09 Chakra - Conceived Of The Rhythm
10 Chakra - Do U Believe

Rami Shapira has certainly come up with the goods and yes, the wait is well worth it!

Chakra is a true veteran at his game, proving himself as one of the best producers on the planet.

The special mixture of tracks on this album has killed every dancefloor it's been tried on.

The journey ranges from the true work of emotional art titled 'Opacity' (130 bpm)

to the exploding energy of the dance floor stompers, some created with leading names of the global scene

such as John '00' Fleming, Yahel, Xerox & Illumination, Black & White, Krunch, Insomnia and Audio Junkies.

He's a musical genious, creating this epic album.

Chakra - Crossover: Front