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Chi-A.D. - Anno Domini

Chi-A.D. - Anno Domini
LabelNova Tekk Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Chi-A.D. - Anno Domini
02 Chi-A.D. - The Flame of Eternal Life
03 Chi-A.D. - Pathfinder
04 Chi-A.D. - Moonart
05 Chi-A.D. - Shadow Spirit
06 Chi-A.D. - Myopic Utopia
07 Chi-A.D. - Redivider

Chi-A.D. - The Flame of Eternal Life

'I will show you what no other living mortal have seen. The Flame of eternal life.'

Chi-A.D. - Shadow Spirit

Do you know of the mysteries of the shadows? The dying child is brought before a funeral. The healer calls a spirit lord, but the shadow protects this child. These spirits (...) strenght, they are not always benevolent souls. The shadow spirit is released and cleance it. But if this ritual is not performed at a precribed time then the child (...) fullness. The shadow becomes strong enough to attach itself to this world!

Your vision made you?

Yes. This young man... I believe he recieved a medicine of the shaman.

Spirits in the area... spirits that control.

I can not take this circle. It's to long. Sometimes consumes the very soul that (...)

From 'X-files'


Chi-A.D. - Anno Domini: Front
Chi-A.D. - Anno Domini: Back
Chi-A.D. - Anno Domini: Inside
Chi-A.D. - Anno Domini: Inside 2
Chi-A.D. - Anno Domini: Inside 3