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Chug - Dynamic Static

Chug - Dynamic Static
LabelFloatation Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Chug - Beat Bix
02 Chug - The Portal
03 Chug - Vokota
04 Chug - Trajectory
05 Chug - Funktion
06 Chug - Dirt Worship
07 Chug - Star Gate
08 Chug - More Air

Starting out as a DJ in Tokyo in the late 90's, CHUG (Nick West) had the opportunity of witnessing the dance music explosion in Japan. Taking inspiration from that experience he returned to Australia to work as a full time music producer. Wanting to blur the line between DJ and live instrumental music, he set about developing a more dynamic live project incorporating organic instruments, yet retaining a solid dance floor groove.

Drawing influence from many dance genres including progressive house, trance and electro - CHUG's sound can best be described as deep, funky and atmospheric. Combining his experience as a dj player and dance music producer Nick has created a tight fusion of organic and synthesized vibration in his latest project. Floatation Records is proud to present Chug's debut album -Dynamic Static.

Chug - Dynamic Static: Front
Chug - Dynamic Static: Back
Chug - Dynamic Static: Back 2
Chug - Dynamic Static: Inside
Chug - Dynamic Static: Inside 2