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Commercial Hippies - If You Can't Stand The Heat

Commercial Hippies - If You Can't Stand The Heat
LabelNano Records
Typealbum, CD

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The Commercial Hippies - If You Can't Stand The Heat


01 Commercial Hippies - Loose Control
02 Commercial Hippies - If You Can't Stand The Heat
03 Commercial Hippies - Get Out Of The Chai Room
04 Commercial Hippies - Dr. Freakenstein
05 Commercial Hippies - No More Nights
06 Commercial Hippies - 3 Star Hotel
07 Commercial Hippies - Where Dreams Come From (Technological Rennaisance Edit)
08 Commercial Hippies - Organic Machines
09 Commercial Hippies - The Unconventionalist

After nearly a year of intense studio time, the long awaited debut album from The Commercial Hippies are now ready to blast off into the stratosphere with their eagerly awaited debut album.

Spending so much time perfecting their unique sound, the zany duo of Cyan and Chesh (half of Nano act, Hydrophonic, and a co-owner of Nano Records), have created a special take on the current Psy-Trance sound and made a niche all for themselves.

A mix of funky, uplifting and deep Psy Trance, the friends since early childhood infuse their madcap sense of humour with serious made for the dancefloor trance. Having released some now classic tracks on many Nano Records compilations and wowed audiences in South Africa, UK (Glastonbury and Glade Festivals), Portugal, Austria, Germany, Brasil and more The Commercial Hippies have a growing fan base eager to get their hands on more tracks from these masters of mayhem.

The Commercial Hippies are about to take the world by stormcan you stand the heat?

Commercial Hippies - Loose Control

"Allow yourself to loose control..."
"What's that noise?...
I don't know..."

Commercial Hippies - No More Nights

"- It's funny - the world is so different in the daylight, but in the dark your fantasies get so out of hand. But in the daylight everything falls back into place again...
- No more nights..."

Commercial Hippies - If You Can't Stand The Heat: Front