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Concept - Paranormal

Concept - Paranormal
Label3D Vision Records
Typealbum, CD

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Concept - Paranormal


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02 Concept - Paranormal Phenoma
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3D Vision is proud to release CONCEPT second album expected in June 2007. Concept is Arno Levasseur from France, who has been producing music for a few years now. After a few releases on various label, and a debut album on Fungi Rec. (Portugal) in 2005, Arno comes back with more maturity and tecknik in producing his music. Full power, rolling basslines, one more of the new generation fiting with the famous 3D Vision sound. This album contains 9 blasting trax, 2 of them being produced with OUTERSIGNAL from Israel (3D Vision artists) and ABSOLUM (3D Vision Label manager). Get some visions by going 3D?.

Concept - Paranormal: Front