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Cortex - Time For Salvation

Cortex - Time For Salvation
LabelMateria Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Cortex - Rap Chibiligram
02 Cortex - Ceremony
03 Cortex - The Magic Of The Moment
04 Cortex - The Next Day
05 Cortex - Materia Blast
06 Cortex - Who I Am
07 Cortex - Salvation
08 Cortex - A Message For U
09 Cortex - Emuna
10 Cortex - To Be Continued

Materia Records is now ready to present its fifth release CORTEX debut album.

Cortex AKA Assaf Weizmann from south of Israel has been toying with psychedelic music since the age of 15 and releases under many different labels.

He has collaborated on various tracks along-side artists such as: Twisted Reaction / Safi Connection / Khopat / Sidhartha / Tetrium / Toxical / Shake the Snake / Insane Logic / Siddhartha / Kali / Speedball / Puzzle / Delysid and some others that are currently in progress. Assaf also works on the technical aspect of music and is the sound engineer in a post production studio in Israel.

Just like good music envelopes your soul and is the medium that helps us transcend to higher intangible dimensions, Cortex is ready with powerful tracks, that delivers full on sounds that reverberate with fat baselines, enlivens with his melodies and with his stamp of clean production, Assaf is ready to be a significant part of Materia, which celebrates talents that are to be found in both well established international acts as well as potential and promising upcoming productions.

Music is a journey through moods, through memories, through time and this physical and psychological catalyst puts life into our existence and is now the TIME FOR SALVATION.
Yet to wow the world with his catapulting prowess, Cortex is eagerly awaited to reaffirm our faith in the magic that comes from Materia.

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