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Cosmosis - Synergy

Cosmosis - Synergy
LabelTransient Records
Typealbum, vinyl

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Cosmosis - Synergy


01 Cosmosis - The Ultimate Sin
02 Cosmosis - Intergalactic Fluoro Funkster
03 Cosmosis - Spores From Space? (A Microscopic Trace)
04 Cosmosis - Moonshine
05 Cosmosis - Higher Access
06 Cosmosis - Turn On, Tune In
07 Cosmosis - Down At The Crossroad
08 Cosmosis - The Big Bang Boogie

Cosmosis - The Ultimate Sin

'In all Christian iconography, the apple represents forbidden fruit. The ultimate sin, a blind desire to engage in forbidden activities'

'Time is endless nothing, you are falling trough. People, people.'

From the show 'Duckman'


Cosmosis - Moonshine

'And the moon, the moon was shining on the sand.'

'And we saw it melting with the snow'

Cosmosis - Synergy: Side A
Cosmosis - Synergy: Side B
Cosmosis - Synergy: Side C
Cosmosis - Synergy: Side D