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Cosmosis - Trancendance

Cosmosis - Trancendance
LabelHolophonic Records
Typealbum, CD

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Cosmosis - Trancendance


01 Cosmosis - Spontaneous Combustion
02 Cosmosis - Naked Chicks
03 Cosmosis - Echoes In Eternity (Warm Saki)
04 Cosmosis - Inside Yourself
05 Cosmosis - One Blinding Illumination (This Is Me)
06 Cosmosis - Stormy Monday
07 Cosmosis - Re-Order
08 Cosmosis - Dead Or Alive?
09 Cosmosis - Tim's Trip

Cosmosis - Stormy Monday

"It was a dark and stormy Monday..."


"So she'd been around the pool"


"Learn how to awaken the sexual beast that lies dormant in every woman's soul. Waiting to transform her into a lusting creature of unbridled passion. Pulling at me. Tugging at me. Yelling 'Take me, Cornfed, make me your love slave!'"

"How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"

From 'Duckman'


Cosmosis - Trancendance: Front
Cosmosis - Trancendance: Back
Cosmosis - Trancendance: Inside