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CPC & Da Friends - Violence

CPC & Da Friends - Violence
LabelTriplag Music
Typealbum, CD


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Triplag Music is proud to present their third release, and the third album from grand master of psychedelic trance, legendary Vlad (CPC) Radostavin. For years, the bright CPC light has lead the way for artists, and been an inspiration for many DJs and music lovers. Vlad never fails to deliver exceptional quality psychedelic music. From nowadays-classical Uber Der Angst in 2005 (Déjà vu Records) followed by soulful somewhat lyrical and monumentally psychedelic Double Bouble (Manic Dragon Records) in 2006.... now CPC teams up with friends around the globe to give you full power darkpsy masterpiece - Violence.

Did you ever think that CPC albums are sound trips? Take it and see how it will change you. Year after year the guru sound trip master presents us with a journey that he already made and highly recommends! Don't be alarmed by the Violence - sound is the beauty and mantra is the sound. It will perfect you and protect you from bad trips and CPC & Friends will show you very colorful and energetic journey!

Enjoy the trip!

CPC & Da Friends - Violence: Front