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CPC - Double Bouble

CPC - Double Bouble
LabelManic Dragon
Typealbum, CD


01 CPC - Boom Tequila
02 CPC - Yamaas
03 CPC - Balamut
04 CPC - Squeezer
05 CPC - Kleika
06 CPC - Manipulation
07 CPC - H2so4
08 CPC - Videohorror
09 CPC - Zolod's Requiem

Manic Dragon Records is proud the present the 2nd full length solo album by CPC aka Vladislav Radostavin, born on the 1st of May, 1977, in Russia.

In 1992 Vlad began programming Z80 based computers and soon he started writing electronic music for video games of the day. In 1998 began DJing and in 2000 started composing electronic music professionally. Apart from CPC, Vlad also composes music for the movie and advertising industries.

In 2002 Vlad began working in the Moscow studios of pioneering dark psy-trance label Deja Vu Records, which culminated in the release of the first CPC album on Deja Vu in 2005 "Uber Den Angst" along with solo tracks on 3 Deja Vu compilations.

CPC has now become one of the most well-respected and in-demand dark psy-trance producers, having been featured on compilations from Insomnia (Potatogun), Manic Dragon (Inner Panic) and The Vision (Soviet Vision) as well as collaborating with top producers Terminator, Jelly Headz, Kindzadza and Para Halu for other compilations by Deja Vu, Manic Dragon and Insomnia.