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CPU - Eat It!

CPU - Eat It!
LabelNutek Records
Typealbum, CD

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Cpu - Eat It


01 CPU - Push / Pull
02 CPU - Kick & Bass
03 CPU - Wicked Plastic
04 CPU - Uzi Slingshot
05 CPU - Squared In
06 CPU - Examination Of Time
07 CPU - The Psycho-Maniac
08 CPU - Who Is God
09 CPU - Rocky III

After 3 highly successful albums and countless releases on respected compilations worldwide, CPU's instantly recognizable sound has been a source of inspiration for many of today's top producers and set the pace for a whole new sub-style in psy-trance.
CPU is now continuing in his tradition of innovative production and presents us today with a technological marvel.
Tracks like "Kick and Bass", "Rocky III" and "The Psycho Maniac" are definite dance floor blasters, already known by the lucky ones who saw the Master's recent live shows.
"Push/Pull", "Wicked Plastics", "Uzi Slingshot" and "Squared In" are masterpieces fusing between electro, techno and full on sounds. There are also 2 collaborations, the dark anthem "examination Of Time" with Azax Syndrom, and the sick and twisted "Who is God" with Bliss.
Paving the way for the next generation of producers, this album represents a new perspective of hard psychedelic dance floor music and shows a fresh taste of the musical future to come.
Like the debut album" Central Processing Unit" did in its time, "Eat It" is redefining the sound of psy trance for the next generations.

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