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Crazy Ducks - Duck Season

Crazy Ducks - Duck Season
LabelShiva Space Japan
Typealbum, CD


01 Crazy Ducks - Zoomzoom Baba
02 Crazy Ducks - Pytria Underwater
03 Crazy Ducks - Duck Season
04 Crazy Ducks - Go Quacky
05 Crazy Ducks - Fungus Cactus
06 Crazy Ducks - Kookie Pook
07 Crazy Ducks - Do you duck it
08 Sygmatik - Leadless Dance (Crazy Ducks Remix)
09 Crazy Ducks - Chu pe-r00

Shiva Space Japan is proud to present 'Crazy Ducks' A fascinating new band from Israel!

Their new inovative ground breaking style is definitly a dancefloor delight, a perfect alternative source to morning music for everyone that is tired of the all-known styles in trance music. Funky melodies, killer grooves and funny samples shapes their new style in the psychedelic music scene!

Duck Season is here! So go and... Duck it!

Crazy Ducks - Duck Season

'Duck Season!'

'Wabbit season!'

From Looney Tunes Cartoons

Crazy Ducks - Duck Season: Front