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Crownick - New Sapiens

Crownick - New Sapiens
LabelEpileptic Dance
Typealbum, CD


01 Crownick - What We've Become
02 Crownick - Danza Macabra
03 Crownick - New Sapiens
04 Crownick - Instigator
05 Crownick - Petrified
06 Crownick - X-Termination
07 Crownick - Acoustical Veins
08 Crownick - Tribe-O-Throne
09 Crownick - Eyes To Match A Soul (Remix)
10 Crownick - Without A Guide (Bonus Track)

New Sapiens is the first major release from CrowNick (Gilad Arama), an Israeli Psytrance producer with over a decade of experience as a drummer in various metal bands. After graduating from school as a sound technician in 2005, Gilad set to work on his debut album. CrowNick's style is dark and dirty with a full-on drive accentuated by considerable influences from metal and industrial sounds situated somewhere between that of Combustion-era Dark Soho, Megalopsy, and Paranoize. The menacing bulk of the album is aimed squarely at night-time dance floors, culminating in a tribute to the Israeli metal band SALEM, and capped with a chilled finale. Featuring mastering by Space Cat and a full set of high-resolution cover images, New Sapiens is a professional-quality release sure to appeal to those who like it dark and twisted.

Crownick - New Sapiens: Front