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Crystal Sound - Electric Fields

Crystal Sound - Electric Fields
LabelMidijum Records
Typealbum, CD

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Crystal Sound - Electric Fields


01 Crystal Sound - Explosive Tone
02 Crystal Sound - Impact Side
03 Crystal Sound feat. Absolute - Drop It
04 Crystal Sound - Cillium
05 Crystal Sound - Wreck a Tangle
06 Crystal Sound feat. Rhythmic Acid - Shmatrix
07 Crystal Sound feat. Rhythmic Acid - Open Air
08 Crystal Sound - Electric Fields
09 Crystal Sound - Groovy Dance

Midijum is proud to release this debut album by three young and innovative artists. Electric Fields is a production of it's own kind. With the substitution of well known bands such as Rhythmic Acid or Fatali (BNE), Crystal Sound have composed a driving, but melodic trip into full on and Goa trance.

The album contains eight tracks ranging from around 145 bpm to a wonderful ambient composition. All pieces are full of positive energy, clear sounds and sequences of harmonic melodies and infective grooves. Perfectly built kick drums and bass lines easily trance along with extraordinary vocal samples and crisp, slightly progressive beats. This album is just right at any time of day or night.

This young artist trio bring a lot of variety to full on trance. This release is a well-performed tightrope walk across all elements of trance. It even appeals to those, who usually donft get along with full on and psychedelic styles. We think, it's just fantastic music and we hope, you'll love it, too. Have a good time dancing and trancing in the Electric Fields of Crystal Sound. Electric Fields is perfectly made for upcoming open air/summer season.

Crystal Sound - Electric Fields: Front