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Cyklones - City Of Klones

Cyklones - City Of Klones
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typealbum, CD

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Cyklones - City of Klones


01 Cyklones - Audio Drugs Remix
02 Cyklones - Human Liquid
03 Cyklones - No More Violence
04 Cyklones - City Of Birds
05 Cyklones - Green View
06 Cyklones - Free
07 Cyklones - Cyklopter
08 Cyklones - Naralé
09 Cyklones - Music Religion

Formed in 2001, CYCLONES are Philippe Sancier (aka Sensifeel) and Pierre Dauny (aka Dj Drenan). Parallel to their own projects, Philippe and Pierre decided to use their influential position among the Scene to develop a groovy trance progressive and psychedelic sound. Their first release on Novatek "Micho Micha" has received very good feedback and encouraged them to put more work into their CYCLONE project and after a few years of work, "City Of Clones" is an impressive piece of music and certainly another "cherry picking" signing on Y.S.E.