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D. Batistatos - Weeper On The Shore

D. Batistatos - Weeper On The Shore
LabelCosmicleaf Records
Typealbum, CD

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D. Batistatos - Weeper On the Shore


01 D. Batistatos - Under Pressure
02 D. Batistatos - Weeper On The Shore
03 D. Batistatos - Night Diving
04 D. Batistatos - Just The Sea
05 D. Batistatos - When The Clouds Come
06 D. Batistatos - Diving
07 D. Batistatos - Beyond The Ocean
08 D. Batistatos - Underwater Dub (Letter To Egypt)
09 D. Batistatos - Driving (Cydelix Remix)
10 D. Batistatos - Vin Del Mar (Remix For Red Eye Express)
11 D. Batistatos - Hoover (Zero Cult Remix)

Sounds and impressions of underwater colours.

Dimitris Batistatos returns with a freshly updated and contemporary second studio album.His debut album "Architect' was an introduction in what follows from this talented Greek artist who has done his downtempo debut through Nova Natura compilations.

"Weeper On The Shore" is another great chill out experience flirting with world fusion, lounge and dub electronica,pleasing us once more with his unique style, perfect for sunsets and listening in nature.

"Weeper On The Shore" includes remixes from the cosmicleaf roster, Cydelix and Zero Cult and firstly presented at Gathering of the Tribes 2008 in Germany.Music with attitude from Cosmicleaf Records.

D. Batistatos - Weeper On The Shore: Front