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D-Clock - D-Clock

D-Clock - D-Clock
LabelDrive Records
Typealbum, CD

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D-Clock - Zachameleon


01 D-Clock - Zachameleon
02 D-Clock - Latex
03 D-Clock - Session Export
04 D-Clock - Flash
05 D-Clock - Faces
06 D-Clock - Great
07 D-Clock - RMT
08 D-Clock - Aeon
09 D-Clock - The Order

01 D-Clock - Blue Sun
02 D-Clock - Block
03 D-Clock - Very Far
04 D-Clock - Amour
05 D-Clock - We R Becoming
06 D-Clock - Time
07 D-Clock - Life Is A Test
08 D-Clock - Desert
09 D-Clock - The Way
10 D-Clock - Music To Your Ears

Gifted artist Roy Sela and legendary Dj Mico make D-Clock, Drive records newest, cherished editions to its evolving crew.

Dj Mico the man behind huge amount of trance events all over the world, one of the pioneering figures of the local Israeli & International scene, a true activist.Mico is also known for his groundbreaking successful projects California Sunshine & X-Wave.

Roy Sela, gifted artist and very busy producer has been producing electronic music professionally for over 10 years. A versatile creature which plays pretty much every instrument this planet has to offer, this is vividly noted in this release. Successful sound producer, his work has been featured in cinema & TV. His electro trip hop release will be included in the second vol. of Yahel Super Set Double CD release expected 02.2007.

Sharing the same objectives & destination, these two bright, creative, minds have united forces with the goal of introducing new, fresh remedies to the craft of Trance music. D-Clock have definitely took a step further, pushing the boundaries & limitations and have managed to create with this fine debut, a set of mind blowing tracks with a solid seal and stamp of originality.

D-Clock CD is a highly mature release, highly polished bearing new elements, motives and atmosphere, a breath of fresh Trance active air.

D-Clock - D-Clock: Front