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D-Tek - Broken Disk

D-Tek - Broken Disk
LabelMaia Records
Typealbum, CD

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D-Tek - Broken Disk


01 D-Tek - Intro
02 D-Tek - All Systems Go
03 D-Tek - World Of Illusions
04 D-Tek - Always Choose Redial
05 D-Tek - The Cave
06 D-Tek - Apple Talk (Live Remix)
07 D-Tek - Axtek
08 D-Tek - Codes
09 D-Tek - Broken Disk
10 D-Tek - Reflections

'Broken Disc' is another solid release from Maia Records, and its leading talent D-TEK.

Maia Records Mexico's leading label is back with yet another powerful breeze for the dance floor.

D-Tek, Mexico's pride and joy, one of the most influential local producers and Dj's, and a highly sort after International Live acts, performing heavily all over the world.

D-Tek has released an immense amount of tracks which have been featured on top compilations releases all over the world.D-Tek has collaborated with pretty much all the hot names in the psychedelic trance world, such as GMS, Earthling, Juvenile and lots more

Since than D-Tek has been working heavily in the studio, producing more and more hits, he has been traveling a lot, smelling and inhaling influences and motifs from all sorts of corners of the world.

D-Tek 'Broken Disk' CD is D-Tek's second featured album, and is a good reflection to the breeze D-Tek desires to bring onto the dance floor.

D-Tek - Broken Disk: Front