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Dali - Hectic

Dali - Hectic
LabelHOMmega Productions
Typealbum, CD

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Dali - Hectic


01 Dali - Follow The Signs
02 Dali - Feel My Body
03 Dali - Into Madness
04 Dali - My Way
05 Dali - Hectic
06 Terry Poison - Smack Snack (Dali Remix)
07 Dali & DJ Guy Salama - Connect To The Source
08 Dali - Tripop
09 Dali - Don't You See
10 Dali - Get Your Emotion

'Dali' is Dalit Eizner (27) from the center of Israel. She started to "hit the decks" in 2001 (that's when she got here nickname). 2003 was her breakthrough year when she started to play in local clubs in Israel and soon after she begun learning music and sound engineering. With a background as a composer/singer of an Israeli rock band and playing the drums on a late night show on Israeli Cable TV, she got her first exposure when she was asked to write the theme track for "Rave-o-lution" – the biggest Israeli festival held last year in Israel.

Dali released tracks on various compilations and her debut track "Colors Band", was remixed by Astrix. Those releases got an overwhelming response that sent Dali 'on the road' to an extensive world tour that started months ago and continues to build up and climax all the time in massive events like 'Psychedelic Academy' (Brixton/UK), 'November Rain' (Alexandra Palace/UK), Japan's Gathering festival, Mexico's "Infected Odyssey", the biggest raves in Brazil and Rave-o-lution festival in Israel. Her trademark is her onstage performance which charges the electrodes in the crowd and the dance floor begins to vibrate in her sound as she brings new spirit and atmosphere to each performance.

Dali's spellbinding debut album, "Hectic", is a heady mix of soul stirring vocals and hard hitting melodies molded with pumping base lines and dynamic grooves.

It starts with an electro song, "Follow the signs", which is not the only vocal piece on the album, moving on to a selection of hectic tracks that reflect Dali's unique style and energy, soon after to be followed by a hypnotic remix for "Terry Poison" (an lsraeli girly rock band) and crossing over to the "full on" section is headlined by collaborations with trance act "Silent Hill" and with DJ Guy Salama.

Dali - Tripop

My soul is calling for you
I now that i am wrong
Look at the way that i am
There is nothing i can do to make you smile for me
And all this time i couldn't
Walk way from you
And I don't care to please you
If you are not coming for me

I need you my heart is streaming for you
Stop me from losing you
You know that I've been there before
"I need you you're comming to forever
Screaming, shouting, dreaming , praying
My soul is calling for you

I know that i Am wrong look at the way that i am
There is nothing i can do to make you smile for me
And all this time i couldn't walk way from you
And I don't care to please you If I are not coming for me

Dali - Hectic: Front
Dali - Hectic: Back
Dali - Hectic: Inside
Dali - Hectic: Inside 2
Dali - Hectic: Inside 3