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Dari Sana - Changes

Dari Sana - Changes
LabelSimato Records
Typealbum, CD

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Dari Sana - Changes


01 Dari Sana vs Menog - Get Higher
02 Dari Sana - Sinai Girl
03 Dari Sana - Pressure
04 Dari Sana - The Key Experience
05 Dari Sana - Psybirddance
06 Dari Sana - Don't Worry, Be High
07 Dari Sana - Skyzilla
08 Dari Sana - Easy Skyder
09 Dari Sana - Orbital Rotation
10 Dari Sana - Bang

The exceptional musician and DJ Sid Gautama, who lives in Jakarta and Hamburg, and his Live Act DARI SANA, succeeded to produce the second Album "Changes", which is a real emotion- and energy packed as well as a party-suitable Full-on-Album in international Format.
Since 1999 Sid was severely infected by the "Psychedelic Trance" virus at a Live-Session on the VooV and a Live-Drumming performance on the Antaris Project.

Sid, at that time drummer of Hara Gobi, produced his first CD at the end of 2001. The first Dari Sana Album "Star Bandit" appeared officially on July 2002 under the label Velvet Inc./Nova Tekk. Sid left Hara Gobi at the end of 2003. After performances in Switzerland, Portugal, Holland and Germany, Dari Sana finally found its place in the Psychedelic-Trance-World. Three tracks were made on Compilations: September 2002 - Planet Goa/Nova Tekk, October 2002 - Maverixx/Nova Tekk and August 2003 - ZOO-B 2/Underground Sound of Tel Aviv.

On New years-day 2004 Sid made his debut as DJ SID GAUTAMA successfully in the legendary 6AM Eternal Neujahrsfr├╝hclub, followed by performances in Europe and the production of this album with 10 killer Full-on-Tracks. "Changes" is a very worthy successor of "Star Bandit", i.e. music for endless dancing and listening.
One of the albums highlights "Get higher", is a track composed by Sid and Dani Bernardo aka MENOG. The uniqueness of Dari Sana has been made clear by this album, giving Psychedelic-Trance the long-wanted freshness and color.